Bissy Swim is a solution to the “one rack” and the “fast fashion” options. How does the one rack happen anyway? Glad ya asked. When a swimsuit pattern is cut, it is cut for a straight size 2. Next...they add fabric without putting it ever again on a middle size model, or a curvy babe. And thus, the copy and paste that is meant to “fit all” is born.


We provide size 0-26, and we get that concept that NOT ALL BODIES ARE ALIKE. That’s why each style we create (all made to order by the way), is fit on three different body types before the suit is even made in each size. There is nothing “copy and paste” about the way we take our sample suits up to a size 26. Every step of the ‘pick a suit’ process is editable to fit your personal preferences. Our suits are not only made for you, but they are made to last. We source all of our swimsuit fixin’s in the United States to ensure ethical production and continue to help provide jobs. Not only that, but we are constantly taking new steps to ensure sustainability for the environment. That means switching to recyclable packaging and getting rid of those plasticky swimsuit bags.


We love you all so much, and we are HERE FOR IT when you are here for us to help us learn and break more barriers. We are constantly taking feedback and listening to you when you say your needs are not being met in this market. Send us an email, let’s chat about it. We are grateful for all of our babes who continue to make our efforts possible, because when you win, we want to cheer, scream, laugh and cry.
You are worth it.