Allie Ayers | Founder & CEO

Most embarrassing moment? 
Maybe hugging the wrong man at a basketball game. I still have no clue who he is and I think about it most nights…
Or that time the back of my dress came fully undone on the runway. 

What was your best phase in life? 
Emo bangs, box dye and stretchy headband “chokers” She was free,  y’all. 


Best life advice you’ve ever received? 
“Allie, don’t put peanuts up your nose.” Or  “You’re gonna have to let yourself love to receive the kind you want, baby” - my momma


What’s the most unnecessary thing you’ve ever spent money on? 
A health sciences degree lol

Cass Huckabay | President & COO

First childhood crush?
Ummm Chad Michael Murray are you KIDDING me? Smize me til I die, Chad.


Personal opinion on toe rings?
Part of me feels like this was the move, and part of me remembers how my toes are so long they almost hang off my flip flops. Ashamed? Nope. In need of a new toe ring because now I am dying for a green ring around my toe? Yup.


In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?
Toe rings.


Best life advice you’ve ever received? 
My dad started saying from a young age “Don’t take life too seriously.” Back then I felt like it meant to just have fun, don’t worry be happy. And maybe for myself that is what it was for at that age. The term has evolved for me and means there are a multitude of things that will happen out of your control and all you can do is take them for what they are. Don’t dwell and certainly don’t waste time being upset over what you can’t change. Just chill, and don’t take the uncontrollable things too seriously. It’ll all pan out.

Tia Usher | Production & Design Manager

Best life advice you’ve ever received? 
Oh my goodness, I’ve received so much great advice in my life so far. I’d say one of the best life advice I’ve ever received has to be one of the things my mom would say to me growing up as a child that replays in my mind to this day as an adult. She probably has no idea how much this stuck with me, and runs through my head now haha. I could never start a sentence with (My friend) said, or (Some Person) did, because she’d always cut me off and say “Your name is Jesstia Usher, not (whoever I was referencing at the time). YOU don’t do what other people do. YOU do what Tia wants to do, and what Tia knows is right.”

It hurts to hear your mom say things like that to you as a child thinking everything in life is all gravy, even with your friends haha. Now as an adult that tough love to build self confidence and leadership has never seemed so clear.

Personal opinion on toe rings?
Wear one on every toe!! Double stack them! Lol I may only feel like that because I have finger toes, but my personal favorites are the ones that connect to one another. I have a toe ring that connects to my anklet, and I adore it!

What’s the most unnecessary thing you’ve ever spent money on?
Please hold while I scroll through my Amazon account…. Yeah, it’s definitely a pie knife. I let my husband convince me that we needed one, when I know for a fact that I’m just going to cut it with a regular knife and scoop it out with a spatula. Let’s be real.

What part of a children’s movie completely scared you?
Uhmmm... I love children’s movies, and watch them all the time. I’m a Disney princess movie fanatic! So, for sure I’m going to say the witch from Snow White is the creepiest, scariest villain of all time. The way she looks and moves just gives me nightmares.

Jasmine Alleva | Social Media Manager

What’s the most unnecessary thing you’ve ever spent money on?
I once ordered 200 bouncy balls off of Amazon. Unnecessary? Yes. Incredible? Also yes.

First childhood crush?
Jake Gyllenhaal in “October Sky”. I was like, 5, when that movie came out and I was convinced he would be my husband. It could happen!

What part of a children’s movie completely scarred you?
The ENTIRE opening scene of “Up” - and I was 24 when I first watched the movie. It should come with a trigger warning. I SOBBED.

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

Side parts.