Bissy Swim was founded in 2018 by Allie Ayers Lindsey after her feature in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Prior to this, Allie began her career as a mid-sized model, and in her efforts to fit in the lower and upper sizes, she thought, “ the hell do I win? How do other women win?” Realizing that she was not alone in this feeling, Allie had to figure out what would come next in the world for women who did not fit into the mold of industry standards (which is SO many of us).

And that was Bissy.

It was Allie’s  journey with modeling that illuminated the darker, more ignored parts of the industry; the places where the cobwebs sprawl and no one really talks about it. You know these places: where industry standards decide who is “too big” and who is “too small”, where ethics are thrown out the window in exchange for cheap production and exploited labor, where sustainability is not considered and the Earth suffers. Too many women had been forced into buying limited options from a stock of unethically sourced and cheap swimsuits. 
 Bissy Swim is a made-to-order swimwear brand founded with the mission to lead by example in correcting the wrongs in the fashion industry in sustainability, diversity, and ethics.
We are eager to listen, learn, and create with you, our community, who has walked this journey with us. We are committed to making Bissy Swim an all-embracing brand, sourced ethically and sustainably, for ALL people. There are no two bodies alike in this world, which is why we provide comprehensive sizing that ranges from size 0 to size 26. All of our suits are 100% CUSTOMIZABLE to fit your body, needs, and preferences. Big boobs? No problem. We got you. Small tushy? No sweat. We got you. We are here for you and your needs.
We are always welcome to feedback and will listen to you.. Again, we are HERE for your needs and we just wanna see you shinin’, baby! If ever a concern arises, shoot us an e-mail.

This community means the world to us. We are constantly in awe of all of our Bissy Babes, who make our efforts enjoyable and rewarding. We cannot express the overwhelming gratitude we feel for all of you.

Thank you so much!